Have Your Winter Afternoon Tea At These Amazing Tea Places!

The warmth of tea on a winter afternoon is beyond words. Hot beverages have become our comfort during cold weather, and tea is one of our favorite beverages of all time. All regular tea drinkers can understand the excitement of finding a new tea place and having that perfect cup of tea. Even if you aren't a regular tea person, you can explore all the cool tea spots in town. So here are some places that you should definitely try:

Have Your Winter Afternoon Tea At These Amazing Tea Places!

1. Serenitea Tea Room

The owner of Serenitea Tea room is Archana Pyatt, who is immensely talented at what she does. The Tea room is decorated in a quite old-fashioned yet charming way. Here you can get breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea, all six days a week. They offer frittatas, scones, and blintzes for breakfast. You can also get salads and sandwiches for lunch. There's also a wide range of tea selections for every taste.

2. Crossroads Collections

This place is perfect for having your private tea parties and baby showers. They even hosted the royal baby shower for the soon - to - be born Prince George. More of a retail shop than a restaurant, the owners recently opened a tea room to invite shoppers for a drink. It has a rustic Victorian décor with doll houses and dainty fringed lamps. They offer a large selection of tea and sell everything required to make tea.

3. Hotel Granduca

The hotel is inspired by the 16th-century Italian Pillazo. You need to have a prior reservation to come here. They have a British-style tea service. Tea, too, is served by reservation only in your choice of Bar Malatesta. You can order a traditional or a Granduca tea. They also include sandwiches and scones with them.

4. The Teahouse

This Teahouse in Houston is a modern Asian Tea house. It also has five locations across Houston. They serve many exciting things like tapioca, jellies, puddings, and regular tea. They also serve the trending bubble tea with a large straw. Most bubble teas are served cold, but you can easily get a hot cup of plain tea.

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