Affordable Non-Stop and No Sharing In Better Vehicles

Door to Door Any Two Addresses

How is Your Service Different?

  • Any Address - We pick up and drop off at your home, business, hotel or any airport.
  • Better - most rides are non-stop and no sharing in a Nice Car, SUV or Shuttle.
  • Flexible - we pick you up on your schedule 24/7. It's also always free to change the date or time if your flight changes.
  • Safer - we don't leave you at a bus stop, and all our drivers go through nationwide fingerprint background checks.
  • Faster - most rides take half the time, because it's just you in the vehicle. No need to stop and wait everywhere.
  • Convenient - Door to Door means no need to arrange or pay for a Taxi or Lyft to get home.
  • Affordable - once you add it all up, it's the same price or less than other shared ride shuttles for two or more people, or less than Uber with just one person.

Our Daily Schedule

What is your daily shuttle schedule?

Your schedule is our schedule. We drive 24/7, so you pick the time. Our professional airport shuttle drivers are normally 5-10 minutes early at your home, or right on time at the airport.

What is my pickup time at the DFW?

We normally pick you up at the Dallas airports 30 minutes after your plane lands in Dallas or Fort Worth for domestic flights, or 45 minutes after for international flights.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

Pickups are automatically adjust to 30 minutes after you land in Dallas if your flight is delayed for domestic flights, or 45 minutes after you land for international flights.

What happens if my flight arrives early?

Just call or send us a text if you want us to pick you up early, and we will let your driver know that you are ready. Otherwise, we pick you up at the scheduled time on your reservation.

How soon should I make a reservation?

Although there is no set rule that prevents you from booking last minute, it's a good idea to make your reservation as soon as possible to make sure a driver is available and prevent any delays.

How long does the shuttle take?

Trips to DFW Airport in normal Dallas traffic are about 30 minutes versus an hour on the bus with a crowd. Rush hour in downtown Dallas will normally add 15-45 minutes (30 minutes on the average).

What time should I be picked up in Dallas?

2-2.5 hours before is normally good if you live in the valley. The airport recommends you are there 2 hours early to get through DFW airport security and on your plane in Dallas. Boarding usually starts 30 minutes before your plane takes off at DFW Airport. However, one hour and thirty minutes is normally good. So if the drive takes about 30 minutes, then 2 hours before your flight takes off is normally good.

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Our Better Drivers

Who are your shuttle drivers?

Most airport shuttle drivers have been driving professionally with the public for more than 10 years. They have excellent people skills and are usually very knowledgeable about the area (what to do, best restaurants and attractions). Some airport shuttle drivers are also professional tour guides.

We have high standards for our drivers including safety, reliability and customer service. Drivers are very helpful with bags. They get the door for you. All drivers go through extensive background checks with the City of Dallas and various Texas Airports.

We train them by driving them through DFW Airport, explaining all the Dallas airport rules, and show them where to pick people up and drop people off in Texas.

About Us - Our Great Company

With more than 100,000 customers and 5 years in business since 2015, Airport Shuttle of Phoenix LLC owns Texas Shuttle LLC. We have drivers all over the State of Texas. Our main office is 10 minutes from DFW Airport and Love Field in the Dallas Fort Worth area. We go anywhere in the state, and we have affiliates that provide ground transportation out of state. Here are many TX cities where we provide service. If your city is not on the list in Texas, we go there too!

Main Office

320 Decker Drive
Irving, TX 75062

Phone: (817) 403-6196


2018 to 2023 Travel and Hospitality Award Winner

Testimonials and Reviews

Click Here to Read Lots of Excellent Shuttle Reviews by Real Customers.

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Pricing: Private Car / Shuttle Fares

How much does a Texas Airport Shuttle cost?

It depends on the addresses you enter, if it's in the middle of the night or early morning, and the number of people. Check rates by clicking the buttons that say "Check Rates" below. There are different options under "Select Service" like "To Airport" or "From Airport" and "One Way" or "Round Trip". Choose the option called "Any Two Addresses 24/7" for non-airport transportation between any two addresses in Texas. Rates are total, not per person.

How do I save money?

Enter the promo code "ONLINE" for one way trips and save 10% for booking online, or book a round trip and save more both ways. You'll also get a free upgrade to non-stop if you use the promo code "NONSTOP". We're here to help; so if you have any questions, feel free call us.

How Do I Get an Accurate Quote?

  • Step 1 - You can just type in the city and check rates, but we recommend entering the full address to receive an accurate quote since we have special rates for certain zip codes and most pricing is mileage based. Feel free to call us if you have any questions. Once you fill in the addresses, click "View Rates".
  • Step 2 - We include pricing for Taxi, Airport Shuttle and Black Car Service, so you can compare costs and have more options. Choose the service you want with the correct number of passengers. Once a price comes up and you're happy, click "Reserve Now"
  • Step 3 - It's always a good idea to enter your name, cell phone and email, then save your quote and a copy will be sent to your email. That way we can easily look up your quote by name when you call and finish up your reservation when you're ready. Just click "Continue"
  • Step 4 - The website won't actually book anything until you enter a credit or debit card on the final booking screen. You will automatically receive a confirmation email with all the details after you click "Confirm My Reservation".

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How do I save money?

Please enter the full address to receive the most accurate rates between DFW Airport and any address in Texas. Book a round trip and you'll receive 10% each way. If it's a one way use promo code ONLINE to save 10%. This promo code is only valid on one way trips. If you're booking a round trip you automatically save 10% each way, so use discount code NONSTOP instead and receive a free upgrade.

What are the benefits?

Door to door service is included on all our trips. Usually Texas Shuttle trips are non-stop in a nicer vehicle. We pick you up at your home, hotel, business or DFW anytime 24/7. We normally take you straight home, which is very different from other companies that leave you at a bus stop, and wait at intermediate points for hours. We also don't pack you in with 8-54 people you don't know and stop everywhere.

Does changing my reservation cost anything?

You can change the date and time at no cost. If you don't know the exact address, enter the city for now to reserve it, then give us the full address later. If you don't know your flight number, you can estimate the time and update the flight number and time later via phone or email.

Our Better Vehicles

What vehicle will pick me up?

Your driver will normally text you, so you know what to look for. We send a shuttle or SUV (4+ passengers) or a nice car (1-3 passengers) and take you from any location in the State of Texas, not just DFW. Our vehicles are clean and newer. Most vehicles are luxury and full size. We have Mercedes Sprinters, Lincoln MKZ's, Lincoln Navigators and Tesla Model S/Xs. It's also a good idea to tell us if you have a lot of bags or large bags, so the driver can select the correct vehicle for your trip.

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Our Pickup Locations

Your airport shuttle picks up where it says Prearranged at DFW or Ground Transportation at Love Field. If you are in a wheelchair, do not allow your attendant to leave you anywhere except Prearranged at DFW. The signs are easy to see, and they are always at the curb.

Security won't allow drivers to wait or walk more than 15 feet away from their vehicle, so good communication is essential. Turn on your cell phone and take it off airplane mode and silent, so your driver can call or text you. If you don't recognize the number, it's probably your driver.

DFW - Pre-arranged Limo is located at the lower level of each terminal.

  • Terminal A - Pre-arranged Limo is across the crosswalk from Door A15 and A29. Please choose the closest one to your gate and let your driver know when they call or text you.
  • Terminal B - Pre-arranged Limo is across the crosswalk from Door B8 and B30. Please choose the closest one to your gate and let your driver know when they call or text you.
  • Terminal C - Pre-arranged Limo is across the crosswalk from Door C4, C10, C24 and C30. Please choose the closest one to your gate and let your driver know when they call or text you.
  • Terminal D - Pre-arranged Limo is downstairs on Level 0 near Door D22.
  • Terminal E - Pre-arranged Limo is downstairs near Door E35 on Level 0.

Love Field - Ground Transportation - we pick you up on level 1 of parking Garage B down the ramp from the baggage claim.

Picking the Best Time

We try not to overbook vehicles to make your ride as fast as possible. If you're the only passenger booked, then you'll go straight to the Airport. Generally people need to be picked up 2-2.5 hours before their DFW flight if they are in the valley or 4-5 hours before their DFW flight for long trips. It's always a good idea to give yourself an extra few minutes during rush hour in the morning, at lunch and after work, and also just in case their in an accident on the freeway or bad weather.

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Fast, Safe and Reliable DFW Airport Transportation

Other Texas Airport Shuttles Take Twice As Long

How to Save Money

Please click "Check Rates" or "Book Online" to determine the cost of your trip. You save 10% each way by booking a round trip and entering the full address, and it's easier to book both at the same time. Just entering the city name won't give you access to promotional and flat rates, so make sure you enter the full address. Don't forget to add your promo code for special fares, coupons and discounts.

Airport Shuttle - Texas Promo Codes: Save 10% by booking online, just use promo code ONLINE for one way trips. Senior Citizens and Super Seniors receive 10% off for using discount code SENIOR. Students receive 10% for using promo code STUDENT. Military and Veterans receive 10% off for using MILITARY or VETERAN. Thank you for your service! AAA and AARP Members receive 10% for using AAA and AARP. Discount codes do not apply to flat rates or round trips because they are already majorly discounted; however, you'll receive a free upgrade on your first ride if you use promo code NONSTOP. You automatically receive 10% off each way for booking a round trip, just can't combine more than one discount.

Popular Destinations - Our Airport Shuttle Goes Anywhere, Not Just Dallas

Texas Shuttle and Shuttle Texas literally goes anywhere in Texas. We also have a Las Vegas Texas party bus and private car services. Texas Black Car and SUV Service is usually for celebrity transportation, executives and other VIPs visiting Texas (doctors, lawyers, real estate moguls, public speakers, politicians, etc.). Texas taxi and cab services to and from any address are flexible and on demand from anywhere.

  1. Dallas to / from Fort Worth Shuttle
  2. Dallas to / from Plano Shuttle
  3. Dallas to / from Arlington Shuttle
  4. Dallas to / from Irving Shuttle

Reliable, Friendly and Honest

At Texas Shuttle we're used to getting up super early at 2-6 am everyday. You won't have to confirm again, or check on your driver. We have high standards for our drivers in both reliability and customer service. You won't have to worry about being left behind or regularly being farmed out to third parties like other Dallas shuttles, Uber and Lyft. We also don't squish you in a van or bus with 8-54 other people. We usually take you straight there in a nice car. If you want to make sure you have a non-stop or a non-shared ride, please select an option when you make your reservation. Texas black cars already include non-stop and no sharing. All standard Texas airport rides are considered a shared ride even through they are generally non-stop. Having other people in the vehicle happens on about 5% of the rides; generally if there is some kind of scheduling issue. We avoid big groups of people going different places from Dallas because passengers like to compete for who gets dropped off first, and we prefer happy customers.

  1. Dallas to Grapevine Shuttle
  2. Dallas to Waco Shuttle
  3. Dallas to Amarillo Shuttle
  4. Dallas to Odessa Shuttle

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Airport Rules, Wheelchairs, Attendants, Pets, and Communication

If you're being picked up at DFW Airport, your driver will pull up right after you have your bags since DFW Security will not allow the driver to wait anywhere. Normally he or she will call you, or send a text to see if you have your bags. Please respond to your driver even if you are not ready; good communication will make your experience better.

If you're being picked up from any location other than the Dallas International Airport your driver will normally be 5-10 minutes early, and wait outside for you. Just come out whenever you are ready. Sometimes the driver will want to pick you up a bit early if there is bad traffic, so it's better to be ready early.

All our vehicles are very clean inside and out. Pets are okay. If you're allergic to pets, let us know. Drivers normally have bottled water, a cord to charge your phone, and help with bags. Drivers understand that it's very important for them to drive safe, especially when you are in the vehicle. They're not in a big hurry unless you are.

We do not have a lift, so if you are in wheelchair it's important that you can get in and out of the vehicle with a little help from the driver. Wheelchairs that don't fold fit in the back of the airport shuttle. Most fold-able walkers and wheelchairs will fit in a car.

Other Popular Destinations

Any Two Addresses, Not Just DFW International Airport. We also provide Texas Shuttle Service, Local Dallas Ground Transportation, Discount Dallas Taxi and Texas Black Car Services. See the cities we go here to and from DFW and Love Field. Our Texas Airport Shuttle provides ground transportation everywhere in the state, not just the local area in Dallas and DFW International Airport.

  1. Dallas to Lubbock Shuttle
  2. Dallas to Midland Shuttle
  3. Dallas to Houston Shuttle
  4. Dallas to Austin Shuttle
  5. Dallas to Abilene Shuttle
  6. Dallas to Wichita Falls Shuttle
  7. Dallas to Longview Shuttle

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Best Ground Transportation, Texas Car Service in TX

Faster and More Convenient

Faster and More Convenient

"We take you straight to the airport on your schedule"

Most of our Texas airport shuttle rides are non-stop for the same price. In other words, other Texas shuttle services usually stop many times to get their passengers, and take several hours longer to DFW Intl Airport. If it's early in the morning, they many have to pick you up at 3 am instead of 5 am for the same flight. Lots of people, definitely not very Super or a First Class ride.

Airport Pickup Locations

Airport Pickup Locations

"Look for a Big White Mercedes Shuttle, SUV, or a Private Car where it says Prearranged."

DFW - Prearranged is located at the lower level curbside of each terminal.

  • Terminal A - Level 1 - Prearranged is across the crosswalk from door A15.
  • Terminal B - Level 1 - Prearranged is across the crosswalk from door B30.
  • Terminal C - Level 1 - Prearranged is across the crosswalk from door C10.
  • Terminal D - Level 0 - Prearranged is near door D22 on the right.
  • Terminal E - Level 0 - Prearranged is Near Door E34.

Love Field - Ground Transportation - we pick you up on level 1 of parking Garage B down the ramp from the baggage claim.

Less Expensive Per Mile

Less Expensive Per Mile

"We usually charge less than Uber and Lyft per mile, and the same or less than Super shuttle."

Texas Airport Shuttle will price match any medium competitor with 2+ passengers; just show us proof, and you'll receive a non-stop First Class airport ride to DFW for the same amount. We have a larger service area than Super Shuttle that includes the whole state. They only provide airport transportation in the valley. Buses only go to certain cities, we go everywhere.

Changing Your Reservation

Changing Your Reservation

"It's easy to make a change. Just call or send an email."

Changing days or times is free as long as the service remains the same. For example, One Way, Round trip, and Hourly Private Charter are types of service. If there is a schedule conflict making this impossible, please refer to our cancellation policy. Our goal is to provide the best possible Texas shuttle service, and keep you coming back for many years.

Call (817) 403-6196 or Send Us an Email

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Great Reviews and Testimonials

Great Reviews and Testimonials

Clean vehicle, no strange smells, driver was awesome!” – Google Review

"Thank you for the excellent service." – Google

“Really impressed with the experience.” – Google

"Excellent service! Ride to Airport in a clean Mercedes with no strange smells or weird drivers." – Google

"Much better than Arizona Shuttle" – Google Review

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

"There is no penalty for cancelling at least 48 hours before your reservation except for the 30% booking fee."

This gives us time to fill your spot. If it's less than 48 hours, the full amount is due not to exceed 40% unless it's less than 24 hours or a no show. It's always better to change your reservation than to cancel since there is no charge for making a change, and we want you to be happy with our company. If you do have to cancel less than 48 hours before your trip, just remind us next time and we'll give you 20% on your next trip. View the full cancellation policy here if you want more details.

Contact Us If You Have Any Questions

Texas Shuttle

Make an Online Reservation 24/7 or Call Us!

We love getting our customers from DFW International Airport safe, happy and on time, so feel free to call during normal business hours, or book online 24/7.

Driving Hours 24/7

Our Texas Airport Shuttle will pick you up anytime, 24/7 from your home, hotel or DFW International Airport, and take you anywhere!

Reservations by Phone

Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM CST

Saturday - Sunday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM CST

Call (817) 403-6196

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