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Exploring Texas' Haunted History With Texas Shuttle

February 13,2023

Texas is a state that is rich in both natural beauty and historical significance. From the rolling hills of the Hill Country to the vast open prairies of the Panhandle, the state is home to a range of landscapes that have been the setting for some of the most intriguing and mysterious events in American history. If you're interested in exploring Texas' haunted history, consider taking a road trip with Texas Shuttle.

Visit These Haunted Places In Austin For A Spooky Adventure!

December 23,2022

Do you believe in ghosts? Are you also curious about paranormal activities? We always get attracted to things that we don't understand. It makes us curious. It makes us want to know more about it. Ghosts being actual or not, every suspicious activity has a story behind it. It's so much fun to dig out that story. Everything scary hikes up our adrenal rush and makes everything more exciting. Quite a few places in Austin are said to be haunted and have been reported to have strange activities. If you want to see these places, then here are some spots in Austin said to be Haunted:

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