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Dallas is the third largest city in Texas. The climatic conditions here are humid subtropical climates with very hot and humid summers, whereas winters are mild. The atmosphere is a habitat to many vibrant wildflowers. Dallas has a collection of eye-pleasing architectural structures.  But nightlife here is quite famous for one can go clubbing, shopping and enjoy night tours. So make your night exciting and fun with the shuttle service. 

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Evening Activities To Enjoy

Dallas Evening Tour

Evenings in Dallas are the best time to explore the city lights with the best views all around. You get to travel the streets of downtown Dallas to take in the exciting and fun scenes of districts such as Main Street and Deep Ellum. It is a guided tour that covers the famous attractions of Dallas in a short period. 

Reunion Tower GeO-Deck

Get the view from 470 feet in the air at the Dallas Skyline Reunion Tower's Observation Deck. It's a breathtaking experience as you enjoy the 360-degree panoramic view with a free digital photograph and an indoor or outdoor observation deck that gives you a view of the city from all directions. The tower lights up during nightfall, with makes it beautiful.

Haunted Dallas Evening Pub 

This is an evening tour with a combination of a ghost tour and a pub crawl to experience the creepy yet thrilling history of Dallas. You’ll get to visit a few haunted bars and buildings with their stories as you will enjoy some beverages along the way. Dallas is home to eye-catching ghosts that cannot be ignored as they wander the streets. 

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

You will experience the 11th-century style castles in medieval Spain coming to life before your eyes. The unforgettable battles and many such eye-catching shows take place. With the luxuries of enjoying the four-course dinner as you'll be a guest of the queen, followed by witnessing the medieval competitions, jousting matches, and sword fights between knights. The dramatic sound and theater lights bring life to the play.

The Escape Game

Solve the mysteries and puzzles as it brings out your brain's problem-solving powers. Get the best experience among the most thrilling and exciting visuals. The game offers you various themed experiences and difficulty levels, from prison breaks to underwater exploration. You get an hour to complete the mission of your choice and find your escape on time.


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